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Mojo Drives Your Growth and Profitability through Expert Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management in Asia

As the the leading consulting firm for global supply chains in Asia, we deliver the services you need to fundamentally change the trajectory of your business. Our multinational team of partners, experts and analysts has a proven record of achieving remarkable goals, solving complex problems, and delivering meaningful and lasting business results.


Are you constantly stressing over supplier communication, product development, and quality issues that are taking time away from your business?

You're likely caught up in the daily whirlwind of operating your business, growing your customer base, increasing sales, and meeting your goals. Your vision for the future may seem out of reach.

  • Unable to develop and bring new products to market quickly
  • Struggling to achieve the most competitive cost and consistent quality products
  • Dealing with time, language and cultural differences

A single partner. Everything you need.

At Mojo, we collaborate with our clients and free them from the burden of manufacturing and supply chain management so they can see their vision for business growth fulfilled.

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Regardless of the challenge, we have you covered.


Expert Market Research

Sourcing Mojo Gives You The Data and Professional Analysis You Need to Make Strategic Decisions on Where to Manufacture Your Products.

  • Quickly Identify All Factories in Market
  • Detailed Product Quotes and Analysis
  • Qualify Factories Based on Requirements
  • Expert Analysis & Recommendations

Product Development

Sourcing Mojo Empowers You to Turn Concepts Into Reality. Your Dedicated Expert will help you through every step of the process, ensuring you’re samples are right the first time… and on time!

  • Professional Product Engineering
  • Easily Order Product Samples
  • Develop Product & Performance Standards
  • Execute Sample Tooling Agreements

Quality Assurance

Sourcing Mojo Develops and Implements the High Performance and Quality Standards You Need to Hold Manufacturers Accountable and Ensure Consistent High Quality Products.

  • Implement Quality and Performance Standards
  • Conduct Pre-Shipment Inspections
  • On-site Production Monitoring
  • Complete Manufacturing and Social Audits

Supplier & Order Management

Sourcing Mojo is Your Team In Asia Working With Manufacturers as an Extension of Your Company. We help you through every step of the process, ensuring smooth communication and flawless execution!

  • Easy & Clear Communication with Factories
  • Expert Order Management
  • Shipping, Customs and Documents
  • Product and Payment Fraud Prevention