Why Us

You’ve got a team

We’re in the business of making sourcing simple and consistent – whether you use one of our individual services for a one-time project or you hire us to manage your supply chain on a full-time basis, you can rely on our unrelenting support.

We manage the office and employees so you can focus on achieving results.

How does it work?

Sourcing Built for You

No complicated forms. No robots. Just answer some questions and we’ll take care of the sourcing for you.

Flat-Fee Pricing

Whether you use a sourcing service or an Expert Plan, you can always count on us to be transparent about pricing.

Passionate Experts

We are a team of knowledgeable, friendly and motivated professionals, committed to excellence and achieving our clients’ objectives.

Our Pledge to Professional Excellence

We stand behind our pledge – that’s why we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee- if we are unable to provide a service due to unforeseen circumstances, we will make it right or you will get your money back.

“I am part of making professional sourcing available and affordable to all companies, from startups to large corporations. While SOURCINGmojo saves countless time, effort and cost to our clients, its key to success is really the sincerity and passion of our people to do everything possible to help our clients achieve their goals.”
– Pamela Lin, SOURCINGmojo Senior Expert

Get to know them.

We carefully select Experts with worldwide experience to be part of our company. They’re knowledgeable, great to work with, and have years of experience.

“We chose SOURCINGmojo’s Your Asia Office service to eliminate the nonstop issues we had with poor communication and product quality. With a dedicated Expert working for our company in their office, our purchasing department is running much more smoothly and our leadership team is focusing more effort on sales and marketing.”

– Brian P., London , UK

“I had never sourced product from overseas before but quickly found the process to be time-consuming and difficult to ensure that potential suppliers understood my requirements. Our dedicated Expert at SOURCINGmojo handles all of the work finding suppliers, developing products, ensuring quality assurance, and managing our orders. We tell them what we need and we can count on them to ensure it is delivered on time, as expected, all while communicating to us every step of the way.”

– Samantha T., California, USA

“As an entrepreneur with a new startup in need of sourcing our big product idea, SOURCINGmojo was the ideal place to go. By relying on their expertise, it let me not only understand the process clearly but allowed me to get the product I needed as required and on time. I cannot even imagine going it alone.”

– Marco A., Milan, Italy

Our Commitment

There is no task that we can’t handle. We’ve been solving problems and serving clients worldwide for years. Aside from our extensive services, you can always ask for support on something new.

We’ve got your back – our Customer Specialists, team of Experts, and senior executives are all here to support you when you need it most. Call, email or message whenever you need us.